Maintaining an Invisible Screen


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Once you have installed the screen, you may be inspired to check out invisible, retractable window screens. Kits are available for double doors and French doors. Here are a few tips on maintenance:

Step 1

Clean tracks every month or so with compressed air, a vacuum or a paint brush. You do not want to push dirt into the frame.

Step 2

Wipe the tracks clean with a soft cloth and a mild detergent, again, without pushing any dirt into the housing canister.

Step 3

Let the tracks dry completely and apply an even coat of Silicone spray to the top and bottom tracks. Open and close the screen a few times to lubricate the rail and end cap.

Like any screen door, the mesh will be subject to wear and tear from animals, children or houseguests who have had one too many Margaritas and walked through the screen door, without first opening it. In such instances, small or medium holes can be repaired or the entire mesh roll can be replaced.

With just a minimum amount of care, your invisible screen should work beautifully for many summers to come.

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