Shoo, Goo! How to Remove Sticky Stuff from Surfaces

3-4 Hours
Removing Sticky Stuff from Surfaces
Who hasn't wasted time trying to peel off a stubborn price tag or tape residue with their fingernail? Many products come with labels that are almost impossible to remove (think about new car stickers!) For some reason, if something came with a sticker or a label, or even if you attached something with tape or double-stick tape a while back, the stuff just generally refuses to come off cleanly.

Stains, goo, gunk--all seem to want to leave a lingering reminder. Picking at the stuff can be frustrating and, well, not very effective. Worse, if you are working on a delicate surface, using a sharp utensil can leave scratch marks.

Bid those days goodbye, because now you can get all kinds of goop off surfaces quickly and completely. The key is simply using the right cleaner and a scraper.


Project Steps

There are literally hundreds of solvents out there that claim to clean everything from your floor to your toilet. Many cleaners will do the trick; you just want to be sure that yours is made for the surface you're working on and that is not abrasive. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before you go to work.

What kind of cleaner you go with depends on how permanent your goo or stain seems. You may just need a combination of vinegar and water (add salt for abrasion) to make the spot disappear.

If mom's home remedy doesn't work, there are lots of products out there to try: We love Simple Green for easier stuff. If you're in for a serious battle, you may need to resort to serious solvent-based cleaners like Goo Gone, or Goof Off. Whatever method you use, start by testing a small amount of the cleaner on your goop or stain that's in as inconspicuous of a place on the material as you can find. Wait a few hours. If no noticeable differences in the color or texture emerge, you are good to go.

Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area so you won?t be overcome or annoyed by the fumes.

Step 1


After donning gloves, wet your rag with the cleaner and work it into the gooey surface.

Step 2

Next, run the scraper gently along the surface, flat as possible to the surface. Work the gunk up and clean the scraper. Reapply the solvent and keep carefully scraping until the once-sticky surface is smooth and clean.

You don't have to live with stubborn goop on any of your surfaces. It can be banished with a little cleaner and elbow grease. You now have a sparkling clean surface and your goo is gone. We love to see sparkling clean on everything!