Repairing Small Holes in Your Window Screens

10-15 minutes
How to Patch a Screen, Save Money and Keep Out the Bugs
small holes

Holes in your window screens aren't just ugly, they're annoying. Mosquitoes, flies, bees will eventually find their way into your house. Whether you're afraid of West Nile Virus or nasty bites that drive you crazy, a screen with holes is literally an open invitation to flying foes. The good news is that repairing holes in your window screens and even replacing the entire screen is relatively easy and inexpensive—especially compared to the cost and hassle of replacing the entire screen.

Project Steps

Small Holes (smaller than a pea):

Step 1

Remove the screen from the window and clean it with a mild dish soap and water. Once dry, apply any brand of household cement to the tear and let dry for an hour or two before reinstalling onto your window.

Step 2

If you don't have any household cement on hand, you can also try using a few coats of clear nail polish in lieu of the cement. Both dry as a hard clear epoxy and both methods will help keep the bugs outside.

If the hole in your screen is between 3/8 of an inch and three inches across, then you will need to patch it. See Repairing Medium Holes in Your Window Screens.

If the hole is larger than three inches but the frame of the screen is still in good shape, you simply need to replace the screen mesh. This process will work for most aluminum frame screens.See Repairing Large Holes in Your Window Screens.

Flies, moths and other flying insects beware: the window screens are no longer a door for you to enter. Enjoy your summer breeze, bug free!

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