Tips for Designing & Planning a Bathroom by Moen

Tips for Designing & Planning a Bathroom by Moen Remodeling Tips A single tip could inspire fresh thinking for your entire remodeling project. Trends are always being updated, so it's useful to know what's new in home design. You'll find advice and inspiration here. Express Yourself 1.Choosing Colors A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to give your room an instant face-lift. Single-color schemes make small rooms larger, and a neutral palette can expand your space more. Or, add drama with colors like deep reds, eggplant, ochre, and dark blues or greens. 2.The Personal Touch Collections and objects that express your personality or your family history will make your home interesting to your guests and more enjoyable for you. 3.Imported Ideas Consider letting a favorite hotel or restaurant, or an outdoor spot that you enjoy, provide the inspiration for your bedroom, dining room or bath. 4.Planting Style One beautiful plant can be a strong design statement. Your style sense will determine whether a dramatic green plant or a bright floral bouquet is best for you. 5.Accommodating Guests Think about how you entertain; do your friends like watching your cook, or maybe you like to keep them under foot? Approaching your design this way will make your space highly functional when you entertain guests. Dynamic Design 1.The Right Finish Now more than ever, you have choices for kitchen and bath fixtures. While matte or polished chrome are always popular, homeowners are choosing darker finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze and wrought iron. Consider the look and feel you wish to create when deciding 2.Bright Ideas Halogen downlights and sconces provide whiter light and fresh designs. Visit the lighting section of your home improvement center to get a better idea of these styles. 3.Quick 'n Easy Multi-purpose rooms need to switch moods easily. Today's high-tech dimmers let you fine-tune your lights - even dim or raise them with a remote. 4.Mix It Up Today's larger kitchen has room for variety. Mix-and-match styles and wood types for an eclectic feel that adds a unique look, from baseboard to hanging cabinets. Packs as a Punch 1.High-Performance Shower Today's shower design offers unprecedented opportunities for adding deluxe features - massaging vertical spas, rain shower showerheads and luxurious materials such as glass, tile and stone. 2.Organized Kitchen Specialized storage systems, appliances and fixtures speed meal preparation and keep entertaining organized. Choose open shelving for quick access. Locate a faucet next to the range to fill big pots quickly and conveniently. 3.Design Focus A single, dramatic focal point for a room you're remodeling makes the improvements more obvious. Try a special piece of furniture, an interesting piece of art or one wall that's boldly colored. 4.Double Duty Lighting is sculpture as well as illumination. Choose light fixtures in shapes that are pleasing to look at - whether they're switched on or off. Works for Me 1.Getaway Baths The bath can be a relaxing, serene environment. Add massaging or rain showerheads, a deep Zen soaking tub, and even music and candles to enhance the revitalizing experience. 2.Counter Space If your bathroom is being shared by the family, counter space is critical. Consider a vanity with cabinets for extra storage and organization. 3.Ageless Amenities Features usually associated with older homeowners - easier access, brighter lighting and convenient handholds - are helpful at any age. Adding them with your remodel could improve your home's resale value. 4.Bed and Breakfast Adding a morning bar to a master bedroom with an elaborate, built-in countertop and sink is a great way to add luxury and functionality. 1.Finding Your Design Start a scrapbook of design ideas you find in magazines on online. This will help you establish a foundation for your remodeling project. 2.Sketch Your Layout This will help you understand how you would like your new room to look and help you change the little things that you don't care for in your current design. 3.Set a Budget By outlining how much you can spend on each phase of the project you will be able to see if you can splurge on the extras; like a contractor, or if you need to cut and do it yourself. 4.Set a Timeline This will help you keep on track and allow you to achieve your remodeling goals.
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