Canopy of Dreams

Step 1

Start by making your fabric selection. You'll want to decide if you would like the same fabric showing on the top of the canopy as on the underside. Some fabrics look good from both sides, but others need a lining. Consider mixing colors or fabrics for a more interesting look.

Step 2

Decide on the height at which you will place the curtain rod over the center of your bed; this will be the "pitch" of your tent.

Make a mark on the ceiling and place a pushpin or temporary nail. Next, decide on the location of the tiebacks on the left and right sides of the bed. They should be no more than 3 inches past the edge of the bed and at least 30 inches above the floor. Mark these spots with a small pushpin.

To determine how much fabric you'll need, start at the floor and run a long piece of string or soft measuring tape up over the placeholder pushpin for the tieback, over the pushpin for center rod, then back down over the other tieback pushpin to the floor. Allow the string to hang softly with some slack between the tiebacks and the center of the rod as to leave room for swag.

Cut off the string and measure it. Add an additional ½ yard of fabric for pockets and hems. Ideally, you want the fabric to lightly pool on the floor. Decide on the depth at which your fabric will hang out over your bed on the center curtain rod. Usually 1 ½ to 2 ½ feet is plenty, although with a slightly wider fabric you can gather it for a thicker, pleated look.

Step 3

Install the curtain rod on the ceiling using a ceiling-mount curtain rod, exactly above the center of your bed. Make sure to secure it to a ceiling joist or use drywall anchors to secure the rod. You can use a stud finder to find the joist in your ceiling.

Attach the two tiebacks to the wall on either side of your bed, no more than 3 inches past the edge of your bed. These should be at least 30 to 35 inches off the floor.

Step 4

If you have chosen two types of fabric for the underside and the topside of the canopy, sew the panels together, adding fringe or beaded edging as desired. If you have a single piece of fabric, turn it over and sew the edges to create a hem.

Step 5

Once your fabric panel is complete, fold it in half to find the center point. Make a pocket for the curtain rod and prevent your fabric from slipping off the poles by sewing a line with matching thread approximately 4 inches down from the center point.

Step 6

Slide the center pocket over the curtain rod, place the rod in the mounts and drape the fabric over the tiebacks. Adjust the swag as necessary.

A tent canopy is a dramatic centerpiece that softens the room while adding interest. It's a simple project that takes just a couple of hours but makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of your bedroom. Who knew romance could be so easy?