Add Romance with a Headboard

2-4 hours
Headboard from Heaven!


Revamping your bedroom is easy when you consider the room's main focal point: the bed! Hey, if you can add some style to your bed then you are more than halfway there! Brely, our Jane-in-training, was looking to add a little romantic ambiance to her bedroom. While there are a ton of projects that can help achieve this, a headboard is one of our personal favorites. It's versatile, fun, quick and easier to make than you think.

You can choose the fabric, color and style that best complement the room and the mood you are looking to create. All fabrics work from cotton to linen to velvet—even silk. If you're in the mood to get creative you can even try something different like fake fur, leather, denim—even vinyl! Let your imagination run wild.

Jane Tip: When choosing the fabric, remember that while matching your drapes is a good idea, the headboard will sit right up against the wall and your bed linens so make sure that the patterns or colors complement each other rather than compete with each other.

For Brely's headboard, we chose a micro-fiber that resembled suede in a burnt orange color to complement the curtains and the cornice that we created earlier. For added detail, we framed the headboard with a four-panel Moroccan-themed room divider which we disassembled, cut down to size and rearranged. It sounds difficult, but it really was quite easy. Like Brely, you could have more romance in your bedroom by tonight, so let's get started!

Project Steps

Note: Remember, the headboard is incredibly adaptable!

Step 1



Lay the room divider on a flat surface and remove its hinges with a screwdriver or power drill.

Step 2

One of the most important things about this project is making sure the headboard is in proportion to your bed. This requires accurate measurements, so don't rush. Here are some things to consider when looking into making your cuts.

The Width:The headboard should be slightly wider than your mattress. Don't forget—the padding and foam will also add slightly to the width (usually less than 1"). Our room divider added even more width to our headboard.

The Height: This is up to you; first you'll want to figure out the purpose of your headboard. Are you creating it only for decor purposes, or is it also for functional purposes such as for resting against it to read a book or watch TV? If it's for function, be sure you make it tall enough so you can comfortably lean against it without your head hitting the wall.

Step 3



Using a circular saw, trim the panels (if necessary) according to your measurements. Make sure you are working on a flat surface, that the panel is clamped down tightly before cutting, and that you are wearing protective eyewear.

Step 4

With the panels cut, you can begin to make the center or padded portion of the headboard. For the wood base, you can use basic plywood. Any home improvement retailer will carry this. It is relatively thin and lighter than solid wood. You can cut it yourself or have it done when you purchase the wood.

Step 5

When trimming down the fiberfill and foam, leave about 5 to 6 inches around all sides. Once it's attached to the plywood you can trim away the excess, but if it's too short, it may come unraveled too easily.

Jane Tip: It's a good idea to iron your fabric prior to completing this portion of the project to remove any wrinkles or creases creating a more professional looking headboard.

Step 6



With everything trimmed and ironed, you are ready to go. Place the fabric on your work surface (the floor is fine) front side down. Place the batting on top of the fabric. (This should be the same size as the fabric.) Lay the foam on top of the batting. Now place the plywood on top of all of it. You should now have all four layers sandwiched together. Be sure to line up the foam and plywood, and have plenty of fabric and fiberfill around the edges to be able to pull the two up and around the back of the plywood.

Step 7



Begin by stapling two staples into the center of two opposing sides; then do the same in the top and bottom. Now flip the entire headboard, foam and fabric around to see if it is sitting where you would like it to be. If so, flip it back over and staple your way out from the center, alternating from side to side and top to bottom. If not, then just pull the few staples out that you've done and start over. If you are using a patterned fabric, be careful not to pull too hard while stapling as it can throw the design off-center.

Step 8

Continue stapling by pulling the fabric taut and adding a staple about every two inches.

Step 9

Trim excess material and batting with scissors. Don't cut too close to the staples, however as the material may pull free.

Step 10



After our headboard was completed we attached the three panels using L brackets and screws. Make sure you attach them from the back and that the screws aren't too long. If they poke through, they can ruin the end result.

Jane Tip: We only needed to use three of the four panels to create the dramatic headboard. Two went on their side of the upholstered piece; one went on top. The fourth panel we used later when we decorated the room.

Step 11

You are almost done! Now, since you have one big piece, you can use the bed to secure the headboard to the wall. We recommend installing flush mounts for added security. Flush mounts are attached to the back of your headboard and to the wall and simply slide together to create an interlocking and stable mount.

Step 12



To install these mounts, first locate the studs on your wall behind where the headboard will be located. Attach the bottom part of the flush mounts to the wall and into the studs as wide as possible within the width of the headboard. Lean the headboard against the wall to mark the location of the receiving mount on the headboard. Take the headboard away and drill the holes for the mounts and attach facing down. Then lift the headboard onto the wall mounts to secure (you might need a friend to help you depending on the weight of the pieces). Finally, move your mattress and frame back against the wall and your new headboard to complete the look.

A Headboard that Turns Heads!

A personalized upholstered headboard can do so much for your bedroom and it's something you can do yourself. Brely's headboard gave her the romantic look she was after. The upholstered panel added softness while the panels' intricate design added interest and elegance.

You too can have a bedroom that wows, and a headboard designed and made by you is a great place to start!

Note: Remember, the headboard is incredibly adaptable! For more ideas, click here.

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