Decorate with Mirrors

Step 1

If your mirrors have frames that are unfinished, sand and paint them according to your preference.

Step 2

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Visualize how you'd like the wall to look when you're all finished. Centered? Butted up against each other? A diagram is a good idea, because you only want to mount the mirrors once. Once you know where the mirrors should go, measure and make your marks on the wall.

Jane Tip: If you are mounting the mirrors close to the ceiling as we did, make your top-most line sit 1/4" to a 1/2" below the ceiling. The reason behind this is that most ceilings are not perfectly level. Attaching a mirror against a non-level ceiling would mean that the mirror wouldn't be level, either!

Step 3

Find the studs in the wall and mark the wall. If the placement of your studs doesn't match your desired design, you'll want to use wall anchors to secure the mirror to the wall. Next, think of how you'll line up the mounting holes you're going to drill into the frames with the studs and anchor locations you located on the wall.

Step 4

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Next, drill some pilot holes in the corresponding spots on the mirror frames themselves. Pre-drilling holes into the frames will keep them from cracking as we screw them into the wall. Be very careful when doing this; you need to locate pilot holes for the screws that go through enough of the mirror frame, but won't crack the glass. A slip of the hand could mean seven years of bad luck (or more!)

Step 5

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Double check that your line of mirrors is level; use a laser level to ensure a straight even line, mark the wall, and then attach the mirrors accordingly. We used drywall screws for extra holding power.

Step 6

After you have all of your mirrors up, cover the screw heads with spackle or wood filler to conceal the evidence.

Jen wanted to keep her office and guest room to function as one without sacrificing too much space. While we managed to maximize square footage, we also wanted to make it feel like this spare room had room to spare! Mirrors are the perfect solution. Not only do they allow for endless artistic possibilities, they are also inexpensive and easy-to-install. If you want to max out your space, do it with the illusion of mirrors.