How To Change Your Showerhead

20 minutes
A Shower fit for a Spa: A Luxurious new Showerhead takes only minutes to install


A spa-style showerhead is one of those luxuries that's so affordable that we think everyone should have one in her home. Think back to the most satisfying shower you ever took, most likely at a spa or luxury hotel. Well the good news is that there is nothing stopping you from bringing the same sort of kind of pampering home with you. Having a showerhead you love will kick start your day the right way—by making you feel just a little bit spoiled.

Your local home improvement store or an online retailer will offer showerheads to suit any budget, from $30 all the way up to more than $500. In our experiences, we've found great spa showerheads in the $50 to $100 range that will soothe you—and your guests—for years to come. And if you've never installed one before, this project will be one of those things you'll wish you'd have done a long time ago. Imagine a little lap of luxury available all the time, just inside your bathroom door.

Step 1


showerhead step 1

First, you'll need to remove your old showerhead. This is where you're going to use the wrench because oftentimes a cruddy buildup causes the old showerhead to get stuck.

Take the wrench and get a good grip around the fitting of the old showerhead, where it attaches to the water pipe. If your old showerhead's fitting isn't flat, you'll need to use a pair of pliers with a wide mouth.

Once you've loosened it, unscrew the showerhead and remove it. Wipe off any corrosion that is on the pipe so that the threads will grab on to the new showerhead easily. If you need to, go over it with a rag and some white vinegar.

Step 2

showerhead step 2


Clean any old gunk off the old showerhead and then apply some pipe joint compound or plumber's tape around the end of the water pipe. If you are using pipe tape, make sure to wrap it around the pipe only 1 to 2 times. (If it is too thick it will get in the way and make it hard to put on the new showerhead and prevent a proper seal from forming.)

Step 3

showerhead step 3showerhead step 3.1showerhead step 3.2


Take your new showerhead and screw it onto the pipe. Tighten the new showerhead with the wrench, but be careful not to over-tighten--you may crack the showerhead's fitting. How tight is too tight? Tighten by hand until you can't turn any more. Then use the wrench or pliers to turn the fitting another quarter turn. Next, turn on the water through the showerhead to make sure it has no leaks, and tighten it--quarter turn by quarter turn-as necessary.


showerhead 3.3

Changing your old cruddy showerhead is so easy, you'll wonder why you waited so long to upgrade. Picking the right model--whether it's water-saving, massage or rainfall--may be the toughest (and most fun) part of the whole project.

When you're all done, put on some music, get all your favorite shower goodies lined up, make sure there's plenty of hot water, turn the taps and step in and enjoy your new shower experience. Aahhhhhhh, if only every do it yourself project had such a sweet final reward.

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