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101 Guide: All About Adhesives

The True Glue for You!
A Bonding Guide to Finding the Perfect Adhesive for Any Job

It happens all the time--something breaks, you reach for the nearest glue and moments later, end up with a gooey, still-broken, mess. But glue is a glue, right? Well, actually, no. In order to successfully glue two components together, you need to take into account what you're gluing, where you're sticking it, and how much strength it will need to do once it dries.

What Makes Stuff Stick?

Make Your Small Place Bigger - Without Adding On

This Room Looks So Much Bigger!
How to create the illusion of more space

Small homes definitely have their advantages: less to clean, less to heat and cool, less furniture to buy. But at times, you're doubtless craving just a bit more space. Remodeling the house would be nice but before you take on major surgery (and the home improvement loan that probably comes with it), try these simple strategies to make your space feel bigger.

Get a Bedroom For Romance


How often do you find yourself lost in a romance novel wishing you could be living the life of the latest Danielle Steele heroine -- whisked away by your lover for a night filled with romance and passion? Doesn't that sound appealing?

Well, although we know the likelihood of that isn't very high (unless you're one of the lucky few with a great significant other!), romance and passion are two truly crucial attributes of any healthy relationship. Even if you're not currently involved with someone, you need to create an atmosphere where romance can have a chance to foster.

Resolutions You Can Live With!


It's that time of year again! When you resolve to lose weight, live healthier, manage your money, improve your love life or any of the other resolutions we promise ourselves to accomplish in the year ahead!

So, by now you've had the chance to take on new resolutions for yourself, but what about your home? After all, you don't want to be a slimmer, healthier, wealthier person living in a home you hate, right?

What Can I do While I'm Pregnant?

Help! I'm Pregnant and I'm Painting!
Safety Tips for Moms-to-Be

We've heard from so many women who upon getting pregnant suddenly experience a serious urge to nest. Rebuild the guest room into a themed nursery? Baby-proof every nook and cranny in the house? Build a giant log cabin in the back yard? Hormones have incredible power to help motivate you to get things done, but make sure you keep yourself and your baby safe while your super-mom skills kick in.

Get the Most Money When you Sell

It's amazing how many home sellers neglect some of the simplest of projects that can mean the difference between selling their home and watching it linger in the marketplace. Take action now.

Written by Be Jane's
Heidi Baker

 You've just spent thousands of dollars on big projects with the hopes of getting your house ready to go onto the market. Your roof is repaired, your walk in closet installed, you new carpeting ready to show off, whatever - the point is, the big projects are done - assuming you had any to begin with.