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101 Guide: All About Adhesives

The True Glue for You!
A Bonding Guide to Finding the Perfect Adhesive for Any Job

It happens all the time--something breaks, you reach for the nearest glue and moments later, end up with a gooey, still-broken, mess. But glue is a glue, right? Well, actually, no. In order to successfully glue two components together, you need to take into account what you're gluing, where you're sticking it, and how much strength it will need to do once it dries.

What Makes Stuff Stick?

Make Your Small Place Bigger - Without Adding On

This Room Looks So Much Bigger!
How to create the illusion of more space

Small homes definitely have their advantages: less to clean, less to heat and cool, less furniture to buy. But at times, you're doubtless craving just a bit more space. Remodeling the house would be nice but before you take on major surgery (and the home improvement loan that probably comes with it), try these simple strategies to make your space feel bigger.

Gardening for Your Senses

There are few places better for relaxing and recharging than in a garden you've created with your own hands. While spring holds a special charm with its promise of renewal, summer and early autumn provide perfect weather to enjoy the fruits of your labors and, perhaps, to add a few items that can truly engage your senses. Gardening really is a sensory experience, stimulating your sense of sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.   You might not initially think of gardening as home improvement.