What Stinks? Cheap, Easy and Natural Methods to Freshen up Your Home

Odor remover

You don't have to be an aromatherapy aficionado to know that smells have the ability to trigger strong emotions and associations. Baking bread can bring you back to the comfort of your grandmother's cottage while freshly cut grass can return you to childhood summer camp. Unfortunately, it also works in the other direction: a neglected garbage can under the sink may take your mind to the city dump on a hot day.

Get More Room in the Bathroom

Toilet room too tiny? Try these space-finding ideas

Question: Which room in your home is typically the smallest, the busiest and the most cluttered?

Answer: The bathroom, of course.

Whether you have your own bathroom or share it with several family members, there never seems to be enough room for everything you need. No matter whether it's comparatively small or large, the bathroom almost inevitably feels like one tiny room.

Tool Box Tune-Up

How a little workshop spring cleaning will make life easier all through the summer.

We all know how valuable having the right tool for the job can be. The right tool can mean everything when it comes to working smartly, safely, and quickly. Now that spring is here and you are thinking about all those projects you've been putting off all winter, do yourself a favor and devote just a little time to inventory your tools, update your collection, organize what you have and repair, recharge, oil, clean and take care of your gear.

Spring Dreaming: Kick Start Those DIY Projects

With the days finally growing longer and warmer, now's the perfect time to put that home improvement wish list together—and make those projects happen! Like a lot of us, you've probably got more projects in mind than time to accomplish them all, so here are some tips on how to organize, prioritize, and realize those ideas that have been dancing through your head all winter. Ready to draw up your roadmap to the perfect nest?

Feng Shui for Your Front Door

Feng Shui is the art and science of selecting and arranging a harmonious living environment that is in balance with the five elements (fire, metal, earth, wood and water). These elements take on implications of positive or negative energy and this energy is known as Chi (pronounced chee), or more colorfully, "the dragons cosmic breath", although no one really says that anymore.

How to Organize Your Tools


As we begin to delve deeper into home improvement we pick up skills, confidence and plenty of tools along the way. After awhile we find that we have a bounty of all three, but only one needs storage space. If you're an avid do-it-yourselfer, you may find that your tools have taken over a portion of your home or garage.

Let Your Kitchen Reflect You

A Kitchen

Does Your Kitchen Really Love You?
Let Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personality!

How do you use your kitchen? If you like to cook, what do you like to prepare? Hearty meals for the whole family? Pies and cakes for the neighbors and the office? Quick and easy dinners or slow cooking meals? Maybe you aren't into cooking but love to spend time in your kitchen doing other things such as reading the paper, drinking tea or even entertaining.

Woodworker's Best Friend: The Router

Versatile Power Tool Gives your Projects the pro touch

Whether you use it for carving decorative edges, sign making, seamless joints or other wonders, a router is simply a must-have tool if you want to give your woodworking that finished, professional look. What's more, you'll find routers are easy to learn-and that their value and versatility grows as your skills grow. Once you see the quality and detail they can add to your projects, your mind will likely race with possibilities. We know devotees who began with a single router and ended up with 4 or more.