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Let Your Kitchen Reflect You

A Kitchen

Does Your Kitchen Really Love You?
Let Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personality!

How do you use your kitchen? If you like to cook, what do you like to prepare? Hearty meals for the whole family? Pies and cakes for the neighbors and the office? Quick and easy dinners or slow cooking meals? Maybe you aren't into cooking but love to spend time in your kitchen doing other things such as reading the paper, drinking tea or even entertaining.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Paint Away Your Problems: How To Paint Over Wallpaper

So you've been living with wallpaper you've hated for ten years. But, you're finally going to DO something about it! Good for you!

Then you look around the room and see just how much wallpaper there is to remove. You've heard the rumors, the myths, the stories about how labor intensive removing wallpaper can be. Don't let that stop you, because we've got GREAT news: You may not need to remove it at all!

PPG Pittsburgh® Paints Launches Innovative ColorSense Game™ 2.0

PPG Pittsburgh® Paints Launches Innovative ColorSense Game™ 2.0

Enhanced online tool assesses personality, emotions to find personalized color palette


PPG Pittsburgh® Paints has put a fresh face on the process of selecting the perfect paint color by launching a new version of its ColorSense Game™, available for free at  The enhanced color selection tool provides users with an even deeper, more meaningful consideration of colors that are best suited for their personality, style and interests.


Caring about your own safety and security says you’re a smart woman

When was the last time you thought about the security of your home? Probably the last time it was compromised. For those who know what it feels like to encounter a break-in, the emotional scars do linger. But at some point our brain allows us to forget, we become less conscientious about locking the deadbolt or turning on the security system.


Spring Clean-Up!

Spring Clean-up!

As we turn the corner on a new season, one that for many parts of the country means finally getting back outside, we take to our gardens and landscape beds for some needed clean up and spruce up.


It’s all about the curb appeal these days!  But with all the back breaking effort that went into the cutting, trimming, edging and planting – seems a shame that when the sun goes down there’s little to show for it…extend the visible beauty and curb appeal of your property well into night with landscape lighting.