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Caring about your own safety and security says you’re a smart woman

When was the last time you thought about the security of your home? Probably the last time it was compromised. For those who know what it feels like to encounter a break-in, the emotional scars do linger. But at some point our brain allows us to forget, we become less conscientious about locking the deadbolt or turning on the security system.


Keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient – less is finally more.

Staying ahead of the thermostat without running up the utility bills – it’s a modern day dilemma. When the cold front rolls in at lunchtime, there’s nothing better than knowing a warm, toasty home awaits you at the end of the day. But this means being prepared and adjusting accordingly before you leave the house in the morning. With lunches to pack or the day’s presentation looming not too many of us busy women think about the thermostat before we buzz out of the house.


Spring Clean-Up!

Spring Clean-up!

As we turn the corner on a new season, one that for many parts of the country means finally getting back outside, we take to our gardens and landscape beds for some needed clean up and spruce up.


It’s all about the curb appeal these days!  But with all the back breaking effort that went into the cutting, trimming, edging and planting – seems a shame that when the sun goes down there’s little to show for it…extend the visible beauty and curb appeal of your property well into night with landscape lighting.


Stop Worrying and Get Safe!

Precautions to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Our homes should be the place where we feel safe and secure, though that is getting increasingly more difficult in this day and age. We live in a crazy world where unexplained violence can erupt in places we least expect. While we can't ignore the dangers around us, we also can't live in mortal fear.

Water Safety

20 Tips for Pool Safety

There is absolutely no way to over-emphasize the importance of making your pool safe for children. A backyard swimming pool, while beautiful to look at and fun to use during the hot summer months, can be extremely dangerous for our little ones. Drowning happens quickly and mostly without any cry for help.