Go to YOUR Room! 5 Ways to put that spare space to work for you

It's a luxury any of us would love to be burdened with: a spare room. If you've recently stumbled upon a little extra real estate in your home because your kids have moved out or your partner went back to a full time job, why not create the room of your dreams? Or, as Virginia Woolf once famously called it, a room of one's own.

What we are proposing is a space that truly reflects your interests; a place where you can get away, express yourself, or devote yourself to your hobby. Looking for inspiration? Check out these ideas:

Hide the Boob Tube!

Must NOT See TV!
Ways to Hide The Television When Not In Use

We love our TVs: more than 98% of U.S. households have at least one. With thousands of programming choices, larger and larger screens (a 103" screen debuted at last month's Consumer Electronic Show), enhanced picture quality, the ability to pause and rewind effortlessly, and falling set prices, we can declare that the television experience is just about the best it's ever been.

How to Start a Compost

Jumping On the Compost Heap Craze!

Saving the Planet, One Bag of Garbage at a Time

Ah, garbage. It seems as though as soon as we take it out, another bag is right behind it. Even with recycling and the garbage disposal, there is never a shortage of trash. What's a homeowner to do? Start a compost.

Resolutions You Can Live With

The New Year inevitably brings resolutions: lose weight, live healthier, save money, find romance, etc. It's typical to make resolutions for yourself, but what about your home? After all, you don't want to be a slimmer, healthier, wealthier person living in a home you hate, right?

Believe it or not, the most common resolutions can be applied to your home, too! Remember, the trick to achieving success with any resolution is to have a solid plan of attack. So, let's get started.

Lose Weight

Welcome to Chez Moi! Give your Guests a Hotel Experience

All of us have been guests in less-than-ideal accommodations. Whether it was the lumpy bed and flat pillows at a motel or sleeping among your Aunt Ruby's overly-friendly cats, sometimes we are stuck toughing it out when we travel. Remembering these experiences makes us hope to never subject our loved ones to the same kind of treatment!

The next time you are hosting company, consider giving your guests the royal treatment. In addition to providing them with a fantastic room to sleep in, make them feel as though they are truly on vacation.

Throw a Do-It-Yourself Party!

You're Invited to A Party. Bring Your Power Drill!

Is there a do-it-yourself project you are dying to do but you can't, well, do it yourself? If the size of your project has you looking in the Yellow Pages for a contractor, stop a moment. Maybe the right call isn't to a contractor but to your friends. You know you're all always looking for a reason to get together, so why not throw a do-it-yourself party?