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Everyday Tips for Decorating with Flowers

by Julile Mulligan, 1 800 Flowers Senior Floral Designer We've all experienced flower power: the delicate scent that stirs a memory, the vibrant colors of a mixed arrangement that light up a room, the emotion that a simple bouquet of roses can evoke. For many people, flowers are something that appear only on special occasions. But the fact is that flowers are an integral part of decorating-whether it's a single room or a whole home.

Let Your Kitchen Reflect You

A Kitchen

Does Your Kitchen Really Love You?
Let Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personality!

How do you use your kitchen? If you like to cook, what do you like to prepare? Hearty meals for the whole family? Pies and cakes for the neighbors and the office? Quick and easy dinners or slow cooking meals? Maybe you aren't into cooking but love to spend time in your kitchen doing other things such as reading the paper, drinking tea or even entertaining.

Holiday Bliss: Give your home a guest-friendly holiday tune up

With guests coming from far and wide to celebrate the holidays this year, you have never had a better excuse to make your home more livable. Hey, it's only human to put off fixing that leaky faucet or squeaky stair, but we all want our homes to be perfect when we are playing host. Your guests will greatly appreciate the effort you go through and you'll get the benefit of a nicer home once they leave. Now Janes don't generally need an excuse to jump into DIY action, but since the countdown to the holidays has started, it's time to get moving!

Outdoor Spaces for Tiny Places

Tiny Places, Outdoor Spaces: making the Most of the Glorious Outdoors

Sure, apartment living has its advantages: no property taxes, someone else has to pay the plumber, there's no down payment, and you have the ability to move out whenever you want. But that freedom often comes at the cost of being cramped. No yard, no storage, no patio—what's a Jane to do? Look around! While an outdoor space to call your own may seem like a distant dream, if all you've got is a fire escape or balcony, a little creative thinking may make a space appear almost out of nowhere.

Get a Bedroom For Romance


How often do you find yourself lost in a romance novel wishing you could be living the life of the latest Danielle Steele heroine -- whisked away by your lover for a night filled with romance and passion? Doesn't that sound appealing?

Well, although we know the likelihood of that isn't very high (unless you're one of the lucky few with a great significant other!), romance and passion are two truly crucial attributes of any healthy relationship. Even if you're not currently involved with someone, you need to create an atmosphere where romance can have a chance to foster.