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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting

In today’s sluggish economy, it’s no surprise that consumers seem more interested in enhancing and upgrading their homes rather than moving or buying new. In addition to sprucing up their homes’ interiors, many homeowners are looking to the space beyond their four walls as a source of inspiration. Extending a home’s living area to the outside world is gaining in popularity across the country evidenced by an increase in the number of outdoor kitchens, spacious patios, multilevel decks, expanded greens and water features.

Solar Panels

Here Comes the Sun!
Are Solar Panels in your Future?


Today an average American homeowner pays nearly $2,000 per year to heat, cool, light and otherwise power their home. As utility companies raise their rates, your future bills are certain to rise. Now, whether you're driven by economics or simply the desire to reduce your carbon footprint, a home solar system can make a big difference. For example, in California, homeowners who have installed solar panels are reporting savings as high as 20% on their energy bills.

Is Your Dining Room a Turkey?

Alas, no sooner does Halloween end that the holiday season is upon us. Malls have begun hanging their wreaths while retailers are advertising the greatest new gifts for your friend/mom/boss/neighbor/boyfriend/cat. We know, the holidays are supposed to be about giving, but what about doing something for yourself and your home?

When it comes to entertaining, the dining room is a not only for eating, it's also a place to gather, share, laugh and, at some family functions, debate!

Shocking Truth: What You Need to Know About Your House's Electrical Circuits

Don't Be Shocked! What You need to Know About Electrical Circuits

Working with electricity can seem a little scary, especially if you have ever felt the sudden zap from an outlet or appliance. It's only natural to be hesitant, but with some basic information under your tool belt, you'll see that electricity, while something to respect, isn't something you need to fear. After all, electricity is similar to water. Once the flow of electricity is turned off, the area you're working in should be safe.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

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You can install a ceiling fan in an afternoon-and enjoy the cost-savings and comfort year-round.

We love ceiling fans: they offer style, lighting, and energy savings all in one package. Installing one is project that will appeal to your practical and romantic sides at the same time-no small feat when it comes to home improvement.