Heating and Ventilation

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Staying ahead of the thermostat without running up the utility bills – it’s a modern day dilemma. When the cold front rolls in at lunchtime, there’s nothing better than knowing a warm, toasty home awaits you at the end of the day. But this means being prepared and adjusting accordingly before you leave the house in the morning. With lunches to pack or the day’s presentation looming not too many of us busy women think about the thermostat before we buzz out of the house.


How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

Tired of coming home to a house that's cold at the end of a long day? Dread getting out of bed just to get up and kick the heater on? Then you're a candidate to install a programmable thermostat on your heater. Most of these thermostats allow you to program chances in temperature for settings such as home, away, day and night. If your family has a routine, you can program your thermostat to cool and heat as needed.