Doors and Windows


Hunter DouglasSally Morse, Director of Creative Services for Hunter Douglas, offers 10 steps to decorating the perfect room. On the topic of window coverings, Morse says, “a horizontal product like soft, sheer Silhouette® window shadings, showcased at left, which features rotating fabric vanes suspended between sheer fabric facings, can make a window seem wider (the reason you don’t see me wear stripes around my hips by the way), while softening and diffusing incoming light.” Further, Silhouette

Caring about your own safety and security says you’re a smart woman

When was the last time you thought about the security of your home? Probably the last time it was compromised. For those who know what it feels like to encounter a break-in, the emotional scars do linger. But at some point our brain allows us to forget, we become less conscientious about locking the deadbolt or turning on the security system.