Help! I Can't Find Anything on My Desk

Is Your Home Office a help or a Hindrance?
Does Your Home Office Work for You?

Few of us have the opportunity to decorate our own office, but imagine if you could! Would it be more comfortable? Toned down? Or even a bit brighter? We'd be willing to wager that decorating your office to your tastes would probably lead to a more productive work day.

Whether you commute to work or have your office at home, it's essential that your workplace be comfortable. When we say comfortable we don't mean satin-sheets-and-plush-pillows kind of comfort, but a neat, tidy place where you can get as much done with minimal distraction.

Wondering what your home tells others about you? The moment someone enters your house, everything--the walls, the furnishings, the layout, the books, the towels, the spice rack--all start to speak.
by Julile Mulligan, 1 800 Flowers Senior Floral Designer We've all experienced flower power: the delicate scent that stirs a memory, the vibrant colors of a mixed arrangement that light up a room, the emotion that a simple bouquet of roses can evoke.

Does Your Kitchen Really Love You?
Let Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personality!

No Room for that New Counter-top Gadget?
Between new options for storage and a bit of organization, almost every kitchen can hold a bit more

Chop Chop!
Create Your Own Butcher Block Table