It's Friday night, the dishes are done and the kids are tucked away in their beds. For the first time this week you and your significant other are alone. Slightly woozy from that glass of wine, you look at each other and are thinking the same thing: time to pop in a movie.

Looking to Rearrange the Art in Your Life?
Simple tips for getting artwork on the straight and level

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Natural Remedies to Clean your Home

Toilet room too tiny? Try these space-finding ideas

Question: Which room in your home is typically the smallest, the busiest and the most cluttered?

Answer: The bathroom, of course.

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With the days finally growing longer and warmer, now's the perfect time to put that home improvement wish list together—and make those projects happen!

Feng Shui is the art and science of selecting and arranging a harmonious living environment that is in balance with the five elements (fire, metal, earth, wood and water).