Color Me Romantic!
Paint Spice on Your Walls & Into Your Life


How often do you find yourself lost in a romance novel wishing you could be living the life of the latest Danielle Steele heroine -- whisked away by your lover for a night filled with romance and passion? Doesn't that sound appealing?

Whether you are re-finishing furniture, removing rust, or smoothing out spackle on a wall, the right type of sand paper can make a world of difference.


n1: The pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus of a water, gas, or sewage system in a building. n2: The work or trade of a plumber.

Paint Away Your Problems: How To Paint Over Wallpaper

So you've been living with wallpaper you've hated for ten years. But, you're finally going to DO something about it! Good for you!

A fireplace typically adds so much more than just warmth. As the central gathering place, the fireplace is often the focal point of any room. But, unfortunately, we're not always lucky enough to have one.