Keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient – less is finally more.

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Staying ahead of the thermostat without running up the utility bills – it’s a modern day dilemma. When the cold front rolls in at lunchtime, there’s nothing better than knowing a warm, toasty home awaits you at the end of the day. But this means being prepared and adjusting accordingly before you leave the house in the morning. With lunches to pack or the day’s presentation looming not too many of us busy women think about the thermostat before we buzz out of the house.


The Schlage LiNK™ home management system has designed a way for you to respond to temperature shifts – keeping your home comfortable and your utility costs down. With Schlage LiNK’s remote access to your thermostat you can respond at a moment’s notice from your computer or even your cell phone.


But it’s more than just adjusting to an occasional cold snap or heat wave. Schlage LiNK helps with your home’s overall energy efficiency. Easy scheduling through the Schlage LiNK online interface allows you to regulate your home’s climate based on you and your family’s daily routine. There’s no more wasted energy – literally or figuratively. During those warm summer days, schedule your thermostat to run the air less when no one is in the house, then schedule to adjust to cooler temperatures right before you arrive home.


Think about those times you’ve come home from a long vacation to a house that feels like a sauna. Those days are gone when you kick on the thermostat from your car or the airport. The more you use a home management system to promote energy efficiency, the more benefits you’ll discover. But in the end it’s about comfort, convenience and using less energy – which not only saves you money, but also saves the earth.

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