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Did last Valentine's Day pass you by without bringing you closer to that special someone? Well, we've got good news. Maybe it's not you.

Take a look at your home. Is this a place where love would want to live?

Just because you might not have someone special in your life other than yourself, doesn't mean you don't need to create a place for love. To help bring love into your life we suggest you create a place in your home where it feels welcome.

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Believe it or not, the fastest and easiest way to achieve this is to add a bit of color to your walls. (Get advice on choosing paint sheens.)

Of course you're thinking of painting the bedroom. But for love to truly bloom you'll want to extend the welcoming feeling to encompass any room where you enjoy bringing company or simply enjoy spending time when you're on your own.

Whether it's for wall paint, curtains, or carpet, picking out specific colors for a room challenges most of us. Most of us aren't lucky enough to have a designer's color sense yet we know what we like. Developing a knack for color isn't necessarily easy but you can hone your skills by using your powers of observation. First, start noticing colors whenever you enter a room--someone else's living room, the waiting room at the doctor's office, a church. Magazines are great too, but nothing beats walking into an actual space and sensing what effect the color scheme has on you.

So, how do you pick from the literally thousands of choices out there? Let's start with the color (or colors) you have in your home right now. Are the majority of your walls a chalky white? Or, if there are colors on your walls, were they your choice or were they there when you moved in? Have you simply 'settled' on the color of your walls simply because you haven't gotten around to changing it?

The colors on the outside and inside of your home can truly affect your daily life. There has been quite a bit of research done on the subject recently which shows that colors can influence your choices, your perceptions, even your mood!

So how will your color choice help bring love into your life?

Well, colors speak volumes to us. They can be warm, sensuous, cold, moody, cozy, safe--you name it. What one person might read into a color could be completely different from someone else. But by bringing in those colors that speak to you personally you can change your attitude and outlook on life--which ultimately can create an environment for change and opportunity.

The colors you choose will also say something about you to others. Thus, you may want to choose those colors that are a bit warmer, more romantic and inviting, such as reds, oranges or soft browns, rather than the cool tones of dark blue, green or grayish brown. (Tips for selecting colors that are just right for you.)

What follows are a few generalizations about colors. Take them with a grain of salt, match them against your own personality, and see if you agree. If a color suits your taste and personality, try it. Because remember if you're looking for a change, a little spice in your life, or even a potential new love, a little splash of color can go a long way.

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Do you love red? Red is a dynamic and passionate color and symbolizes love, rage and courage. An attention getter, red has huge emotional impact. Red is literally at both ends of the emotional spectrum. Some feel that people who select red tend to be aggressive, impulsive, and powerful individuals who strive for success. At the same time, as you delve into deeper tones some reds can be quite warm and create a sense of security and coziness. (How to properly paint your walls red?)

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Yellow exudes warmth, inspiration and vitality; it is one of the happiest of the colors and is often associated with joy and virtue in their purest sense. It's been known to represent communication, enlightenment, sunlight and spirituality. If your favorite color is yellow it's probable that you look forward to the future, and that you are intellectual, highly imaginative and idealistic. Commonly, people who love yellow may have a cheerful spirit and have an expectation of greater happiness. Yellow and white complement each other beautifully.

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While orange is the color of autumn in spice form and design you need not feel restricted by this. In its brighter tones orange is happy, positive and lively. If you prefer its darker shades you'll find that it becomes exotic and exciting. Orange lovers tend to have excessive energy with an eye for structure and organization. They usually also love to be surrounded by family and friends.

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Brown, while it may be the color of dirt, it can also be quite sensuous in nature. Brown also represents the importance of hearth and home. You may have noticed that it has been a much more commonly used color in recent design choices. The reason for this shift is that it symbolizes physical comfort, ease and contentment. Those who prefer brown tend to be conscientious, steady and reliable.

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The color of the ocean being teal makes it obvious that it should represent cool and constant. This color points to stability and resistance to change. People who prefer teal more often than not are sensitive and have excellent taste in a wide variety of areas. They tend to be optimistic and trusting, with a high degree of faith and hope, easily trusting others.

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Pink is highly emotional in character and connotes a sensitive heart. Universally representing caring and sharing, the person who chooses pink usually indicates a strong personality. The affectionate and concerned individual also prefers pink. Gently you offer love, attention and nurturing to those in distress.

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Violet, the color of luxury, indicates sensuality, passion and depth of feeling. This lavish color creates an unusual atmosphere and provides an unexpected essence. If you like violet, you tend to be unique, highly sensitive and observant. Creative and artistically talented, you tend to have a complex personality.

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Green is the color of life and represents freshness, security and tranquility. Green creates an atmosphere that is calm and restful and characterizes the intense power of nature. If you selected green you seek stability, balance and persistence. You are a moral and affectionate individual.

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The color of tranquility, blue is cool, soothing and orderly. The color of royalty, blue can also bring comfort and serenity to our lives. If you choose blue you have a basic need for a calm, harmonious and tension-free existence. Capable, conservative and sensitive to others, you make a loyal and trustworthy friend.

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White suggests goodness, purity and innocence. Its elusive nature provides serenity and the essence of perfection. The individual who chooses white as a favorite color seeks excellence and enlightenment in all philosophies. Simplicity, purity and recognition are a constant endeavor.

These are by no means strict rules, nor guidelines. A color will speak to you when you meet it head on. But it might be difficult at first to tell how a color will look from a swatch, so try painting a larger area. You'll quickly learn whether or not that color is for you.

But, be open-minded. Take a chance. Let your home be a landing spot for love. After all, colors can only foster change if you let them in.

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