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You Work for Me!
Finding a Contractor Who Gets the Job Done

You've bought all of the supplies to paint but have you prepared the walls? Did you know you should? Well, here's a few small tips that will make painting easier and your finished product look like it was painted by a pro.
There are few places better for relaxing and recharging than in a garden you've created with your own hands.
When you think of the shower you took this morning, how did you feel afterwards? Were you relaxed? Invigorated? Or, were you thinking, "I've got to change out that lime encrusted, water spitting thing!"

n. Electric current used or regarded as a source of power.
n. Intense, contagious emotional excitement.

It's amazing how many home sellers neglect some of the simplest of projects that can mean the difference between selling their home and watching it linger in the marketplace. Take action now.

Written by Be Jane's
Heidi Baker

It's that time of year again! When you resolve to lose weight, live healthier, manage your money, improve your love life or any of the other resolutions we promise ourselves to accomplish in the year ahead!

Color Me Romantic!
Paint Spice on Your Walls & Into Your Life