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Hunter DouglasSally Morse, Director of Creative Services for Hunter Douglas, offers 10 steps to decorating the perfect room. On the topic of window coverings, Morse says, “a horizontal product like soft, sheer Silhouette® window shadings, showcased at left, which features rotating fabric vanes suspended between sheer fabric facings, can make a window seem wider (the reason you don’t see me wear stripes around my hips by the way), while softening and diffusing incoming light.” Further, Silhouette shadings protect against up to 88 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays when the vanes are open, while still permitting light and a view – something traditional products can’t do.  They can also help you save on electric bills during daylight hours – the sheers diffuse the incoming light for a softer, shadow-free interior illumination and adjusting the vanes can draw the light deeper into the room. 


“A “Luminette® Privacy Sheers, featured below and at right, which marry a soft fabric sheer with soft rotating fabric vanes behind can add height to a room and window as well as a more graceful proportion – your eye follows it up and down” says Morse. Like Silhouette® window shadings, Luminette sheers permit light and a view while still protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays.  The sheers also diffuse the incoming light for a softer, shadow-free interior illumination and the vanes draw the light deeper into the room so that you can save on electric lighting during daylight hours.   

Hunter Douglas Hunter Douglas

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