Turn your bathroom into a spalicious bathroom or your kitchen into a truly cookable kitchen simply by fixing or replacing your sinks and faucets. Basic plumbing is easier than you think and we'll show you how!



Get Soaking with a New Bathtub

After a long hard day, is there anything more relaxing than a nice hot bath? For many people, a long soak in a hot tub is the ultimate indulgence and the perfect place to soothe their worries, not to mention aches and pains.

What Stinks? Cheap, Easy and Natural Methods to Freshen up Your Home

Odor remover

You don't have to be an aromatherapy aficionado to know that smells have the ability to trigger strong emotions and associations. Baking bread can bring you back to the comfort of your grandmother's cottage while freshly cut grass can return you to childhood summer camp. Unfortunately, it also works in the other direction: a neglected garbage can under the sink may take your mind to the city dump on a hot day.

How to Fix a Leaky Hose Bib

Is Your Garden Hose a Big Annoying Drip?

Is there a drip from the spigot of your outdoor garden hose? Are you finding small puddles under the spigot?

Watch the video.

No big deal, you are thinking. So what if there's a small drip? It's not wasting that much water. Wrong! You can waste an enormous amount water with even a small but steady drip and, even worse, you may also be ignoring a potentially dangerous situation.

Three Coins in Your Fountain

How to bring the soothing sounds of cascading water to your home.

Love the sound of flowing water? Want to bring the tranquil feeling of a running brook to your own backyard?

It's easy to create the feel of a serene paradise at home by installing an outdoor fountain in your backyard, front porch, patio, deck, or even on a small balcony. Outdoor fountains come in many different shapes, sizes and styles such as waterfalls, birdbaths or garden planters and can be freestanding or wall mounted.