Family and Dining Rooms

Your family room should be just that -- a place where you love to be with your family. It should be warm and inviting with comfortable furnishings and features. Your family room is most often the one room of the house where your friends and family will come to gather. You want it to be a place where all who enter can relax and enjoy themselves while at the same time, a place for you to spend some quality solitary down time. The projects featured in this section will help you make the most of your gathering spots.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Fan Club

You can install a ceiling fan in an afternoon-and enjoy the cost-savings and comfort year-round.

We love ceiling fans: they offer style, lighting, and energy savings all in one package. Installing one is project that will appeal to your practical and romantic sides at the same time-no small feat when it comes to home improvement.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Paint Away Your Problems: How To Paint Over Wallpaper

So you've been living with wallpaper you've hated for ten years. But, you're finally going to DO something about it! Good for you!

Then you look around the room and see just how much wallpaper there is to remove. You've heard the rumors, the myths, the stories about how labor intensive removing wallpaper can be. Don't let that stop you, because we've got GREAT news: You may not need to remove it at all!