Bedroom and Nurseries

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It's the one room of the house where you more than likely to end your day. You want it to be warm and inviting with comfortable surroundings so that your body and mind can truly relax. Your bedroom is also the room that you are likely to spend your most intimate moments. So, you'll want it to be a room where you feel you can truly be yourself. It should be private and secure but still a place where love can blossom when you're in the mood. The projects in this section will help you create the bedroom you've always dreamed of.

Here Comes Baby! A Guide to Childproofing your Home

You've read every book, taken the classes. The baby shower gifts are piled high, the nursery's all decked out. The excitement of the imminent arrival of a new little person couldn't be higher. But have you baby-proofed the house? Yes, newborns can't crawl to the top of the stairs, pull a bookcase over, or get underneath the sink. But within a few months, you'll wish you had taken care of anything that could cause you baby harm. Our advice: do it now, because the next few months (if not years) will go by in a blur.