What Does Your Home Say About Who You Are?

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The Secrets Your Home Reveals About You
Your Personality Affects How and Where You Live!

Look around your home: what can it tell you about the person who lives there? Are you a neat freak who has organization systems for everything from your shoes to your plates? Are you a creative type who expresses her creativity with vibrant colors and bold furnishings? Or maybe you're more of the conservative type with pastel colored walls and subtle nuances. Whatever your choices, your house speaks volumes about who you are.

But ultimately, the answers lie within you. In very broad terms we are all divided into two groups: introverts and extroverts. An introvert is someone who spends a lot of time at home (but doesn't mind it) or just hanging out with a few of her closest friends. The extrovert craves attention. She's the outrageous fun loving type who wants to show off a little of who she is to everyone. Like it or not, you are one of the two (or a combination of both) and whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it's an orientation, not a preference.

So, which are you? Chances are you are an extrovert: experts estimate as many of 75% of us are. Not afraid of attention, many people in power and in the public eye (such as politicians) are extroverts. However, there are numerous famous introverts as well such as Queen Elizabeth II and Jane Goodall, while celebrities like Paris Hilton and Bill Clinton sit at the extroverts table.

Generally speaking, extroverts are energized by the company of other people while introverts become drained or overwhelmed by a lot of activity. Introverts need to "recharge" after social interaction with a dose of solitude.

A few other characteristics: extroverts tend to think while talking, thrive on attention and work better in groups. Introverts are less likely to initiate a conversation or chime in on a group of people talking. They prefer quiet, calm surroundings and work better either by themselves or in small groups. Still not sure? Take a personality test to determine which way you lean. Both personality types have their strengths and weaknesses, so embrace who you are both in your spirit and especially in your home!

Strategies for Matching Your Home with Your Personality Type Extroverts are energized by what surrounds them so if you find that you have a lot of furniture, pictures, or other such stimuli floating around your house, this may be why. Also, it's rumored that extroverts are drawn to bold, bright colors. If you walk into a room and just feel...blah, then consider a color change. Painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform a room instantly. Because the extrovert lives for excitement, clamor and activity, don't be afraid to go big! A room that provides you with the stimulus you crave will make it easier to handle when you find yourself alone.

Create a Retreat
As an introvert sometimes you feel the need to escape the hustle and bustle going on around you. You need a calm place to retreat to reflect and revive you. It is said that an introvert's space needs not be completely private--it simply needs to be your very own, so why not build a window seat? This project will not only give you the space you crave, but it will also add architectural flair to your home. Another plus: introverts need more exposure to natural light than extroverts, so one project can service your senses in two ways!

Gather the Janes
Extroverts like to entertain. So, as an extrovert and a Jane, you can turn your next project into a social function. Hey, not all projects have to be done by yourself! Throwing a DIY party is a great excuse to paint that spare room that has been on your list for months and catch up with a few girlfriends. The work will get done in a quarter of the time and once it's all done you will all have something to ooh and ahh over. Remember to make the project as much fun as you possibly can, and return the favor when it's asked of you. This tip extends to introverts, too. After all, almost everyone enjoys a good party now and then!

Get in Touch... with your Senses
Introverts are more sensitive to their environment and this goes beyond an aversion to an overly-crowded room. All of our senses (but especially smell and sound) are very important to the happiness of introverts. A garden can serve as the ultimate getaway for an introvert and can treat your senses to a day at the spa. Exercising your green thumb by raising fragrant flowers or plants is a fantastic way to relax and get a daily dose of aromatherapy. Add a gentle trickle of a fountain and you've got a garden built especially for your senses!

Know Thyself
Whether you prefer the excitement of a great party to a day at home curled up with a book, understanding your personality is key to a balanced existence. Knowing why you prefer this room to that room means that you can transform more places to suit your personality type. Plus, it makes interaction with others easier to understand and live with. So, whether you're the type that needs to be the life of the party or you'd rather skip the party all together, or a little of both, you can create the home that will best suit your own personality.

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