PPG Pittsburgh® Paints Launches Innovative ColorSense Game™ 2.0

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PPG Pittsburgh® Paints Launches Innovative ColorSense Game™ 2.0

Enhanced online tool assesses personality, emotions to find personalized color palette


PPG Pittsburgh® Paints has put a fresh face on the process of selecting the perfect paint color by launching a new version of its ColorSense Game™, available for free at www.voiceofcolor.com.  The enhanced color selection tool provides users with an even deeper, more meaningful consideration of colors that are best suited for their personality, style and interests.


The ColorSense Game 2.0 helps users overcome the overwhelming feeling of having too many choices, and instead offers users their own personal set of colors for the design elements in a room or space. The unique 5-color combinations provide color opportunities for walls, trim, accent areas, and home décor (furniture, pillows, window treatments, flooring). It provides homeowners with a starting point for designing around a personality and style, based on a users’ five senses.


“Color preferences are unique, and choosing color is a personal exercise. Many times, we’re not even aware of why we like a color or how certain colors, when paired together, make us feel. ColorSense helps us reveal our interests and traits, which bring us to a better understanding of why we gravitate to certain colors,” said Dee Schlotter, Brand Manager of Color for The Voice of Color. “And homeowners can begin that personal process of color selection with the ease of going online.”


According to the Home Improvement Research Institute’s 2010 Product Purchase Tracking Study, the Internet is among the most popular resources for DIY painters who have an interest in color.  The ColorSense Game helps users gain an understanding of their color preferences on a psychological level through an interactive quiz. Participants of the ColorSense Game respond to a number of questions on color influencers such as emotion, the five senses, and core personality.


“One might ask what the touch of baby soft skin or the texture of sand has to do with paint color,” said Schlotter. “In fact, feelings stemming from the five senses play a considerable role, and the expansions to the ColorSense game reflect the importance with unique, interactive triggers to stimulate senses.”


Simplifying the color selection process, ColorSense Game 2.0 features a fresh visual design and incorporates new questions to narrow a person’s color preference. For example, participants are asked to choose a phrase that best inspires them. Answer choices include invigorating, elegant, exotic and comfortable. Other questions include:


  • Where would you feel more at home?
  • What decorating piece is most interesting to you?
  • What image is the most appealing to your sense of taste?
  • What scent would make you feel good?
  • What image is most appealing to your sense of touch?
  • Which landscape pleases your sense of sight?
  • With which sound track do you connect the most?
  • What word do you long for the most?
  • What word feels the most important to you?
  • What place seems to be the perfect escape for you?
  • How would your friends describe you?


The questions are visual and textual, which helps users make instinctual decisions. Some questions are readily connected with home décor asking users to select an appealing décor item, while others lend psychological or abstract perspectives.  According to Schlotter, “The results will help owners find their true allegiance to colors and color families, resulting in the harmonies where they will feel most at home.”


Preferences identified through the refreshed ColorSense Game reflect a primary and secondary color personality embodied by one of nine PPG Pittsburgh Paints Harmony Collection color families. Harmony Collection color families integrate contemporary color schemes in tune with personalities and present-day styles. Color families include the vibrant Desert Spice; earthy Leather, Stone & Wood; and tranquil Water Beads. Each family features a signature color (e.g. orange for Desert Spice, blue for Water Beads), as well as coordinating colors.


And to create a social element to the tool, users can now share their color personality with friends and family using integrated Facebook and Twitter functions within the game. “We know that friends and family are an important resource for homeowners when choosing color. ColorSense 2.0 makes that social aspect even easier.”


The ColorSense Game, is the cornerstone of PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color program. The Voice of Color is built on the premise that every color has an emotional association, and individuals are drawn to different colors for reasons inherently tied to their distinctive personalities. The program provides a variety of tools that allow users to find colors that best suit their style.


To learn more, use the ColorSense Game, or view the nine Harmony Color Collection Families, visit www.voiceofcolor.com.


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