Managing your home just got a lot simpler, and safer.

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Let’s face it, today’s multi-tasking woman moves at a fast pace. Managing your home is a constant undertaking. Keeping up with the kids, the meals, the laundry – not to mention all of the people in your life who help to keep your household moving. That means there’s a lot of coming and going through the front door.


What if there was a way to keep tabs on all that activity from your office or the soccer field or, dare we mention, even from vacation? Thanks to a new solution from Schlage, now you can. Schlage has developed a home management system that puts security, energy and home management in the palm of your hand.


The Schlage LiNK System with an easy-to-use app provides remote access to your door locks, giving you the ability to access your home from your cell phone when you’re not there. Think about it, next time you’re out of town and realize you forgot to leave a key for your neighbor to come feed the cat, a quick phone call and an access code is all your neighbor, and Snowball, will need.


But remote access door locks are just a glimpse into what this system offers. Being a busy woman means you need flexibility and convenience wherever possible.  As a comprehensive home management system, Schlage LiNK gives you just that. Starting with the thermostat, you can manage your home’s temperature from anywhere. From your office computer in the morning, adjust to save energy while you’re not there. Then, as you head across town for that final meeting of the day, a quick change means you’ll come home to total comfort, It’s simple and it’s smart.


Scheduling lights with the system is another fabulous feature. It’s a way to keep your house well lit when you arrive home late--without running up your utility bills. Add a Schlage camera to your Schlage LiNK solution, and you can check on the kids, the housekeeper, even the dog!


At the end of the day, the ultimate benefit of this system is about more than home management. It’s about protecting everything you love—and preserving your peace of mind.




JANE TIP: A great benefit of the Schlage LiNK System is the ability to keep your lights and thermostat on a schedule. But as all Janes know, a schedule works wonders – until the schedule changes. When you get an email from the soccer coach at four in the afternoon that practice will let out late tonight, use your handheld device to remotely override the set schedule so the lights will be on when you arrive home. It’s security made simple. 

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