Let's Get it On...Your Guide to a Sexy Bathroom

It's Friday night, the dishes are done and the kids are tucked away in their beds. For the first time this week you and your significant other are alone. Slightly woozy from that glass of wine, you look at each other and are thinking the same thing: time to pop in a movie.

Sound familiar? If life is hampering your sex life, it's time to reconnect. The good news is that your surroundings can help by providing an environment that puts you in the mood. Maybe you've already created a romantic bedroom, added a canopy to your bed and the sizzle has fizzled. So, why not turn your attention to building a romantic bathroom for two?

We know what you are thinking: The bathroom? That's the one place I go to be alone! Well, the bathroom does serve as a great escape, but when you outfit it for two it becomes more fun. Plus, when you are alone, you'll have more spa-like experience.

Creating a lover's bathroom can cost thousands of dollars but making it romantic hardly costs a thing. We'll present you with ideas for both. Who knows—maybe we'll convince you take the plunge and bring sexy back.

A Bathroom Built for Two
A new showerhead is a must if you are living with the one that came with your house. They add spa and sex appeal, and like the dimmer, are easy to install and inexpensive. Look into different models to see which ones appeal to you. A massaging showerhead is equipped to adapt to the kind of mood you're in, and if it's detachable, you can concentrate on body parts that need attention. Whether your new showerhead emulates the feeling of a soft rainfall or pulsates at different speeds, we are sure that it will breathe new life into your shower.

Dual showerheads are becoming more common and you don't need two separate sources of water to have one. A single unit with two showerheads fits where your existing showerhead is, and instantly you have a shower that can accommodate a guest. Unfortunately, the water temperature stays the same for both sides, so if he likes it hot and you don't, you may need to compromise. A variation on the dual showerhead is the shower system wide enough to accommodate two. The water comes from a single source, but the pressure is adjustable.

The next step up is the multi-person shower that has water streaming from two different pipes. Depending on what your space can accommodate, the showerheads can be placed next to or opposite one another. Other sexy accoutrements include jet systems that propel water to your body from various angles, and a device placed on the shower floor that allows you to test the water temperature with your foot. After all, nothing kills the mood like a cold shower.

If bathtubs are more your style, look into a two-person tub that can fit into a standard 5' slot. Priced at a little over $1,000, they are in the same price range as a basic whirlpool tub, and are great if you have the room. Jacuzzi-style tubs come in all sorts of different styles and prices—you can even get a claw-foot whirlpool tub for two—if you are into keeping it classy.

Speak to your Senses

Dimmer switches are absolutely critical for creating a romantic environment, especially in the bathroom where the lighting tends to highlight every flaw. Inexpensive and easy to install, dimmers can improve your sex life in about a half hour. Soft lighting is also great for when you want to lock out the world and relax with a long, soothing bath.

Most bathrooms are white; a color not frequently celebrated for its sexiness. Invest in a glossy paint in a warm color and go to work giving your bathroom a new feel. Explore your adventurous side and introduce a color you've always dreamed of but were too inhibited to try. If this is a bold, brassy color and your bathroom is small, just paint a wall or two so the room doesn't look even smaller than it already is. Also consider a faux painting treatment such as a denim look or a sponge paint to add texture and interest to a small area.

If you can get music into your bathroom, do it. Speakers mounted behind the walls would work best, but they have to be installed by a professional. When you are shopping around, look specifically for equipment that can work with high levels of moisture. Installing your own speakers isn't recommended because of the water/electricity factor. If all else fails, drag that old boom box into the room and pop in some music that puts you in the mood.

Adding plants to the bathroom not only adds romance, but also softens up the room a bit. Go for plants that can tolerate little light and a ton of moisture, such as the exotic vriesea splendens, a.k.a Flaming Sword. African violets, Flamingo Flower and Pink Quill are other good options.

Let's Get it On
With your new sexy bathroom you'll find yourself daydreaming about the next time you and your loved one can be alone together. Instead of popping in a movie and vegging out, you'll want to connect with your partner and relive the days when you first met.

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