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How often do you find yourself lost in a romance novel wishing you could be living the life of the latest Danielle Steele heroine -- whisked away by your lover for a night filled with romance and passion? Doesn't that sound appealing?

Well, although we know the likelihood of that isn't very high (unless you're one of the lucky few with a great significant other!), romance and passion are two truly crucial attributes of any healthy relationship. Even if you're not currently involved with someone, you need to create an atmosphere where romance can have a chance to foster.

Your bedroom is the one room of your house where love should want to live. After all, this is the one room of the house where you are more than likely to spend your most intimate moments. But for your bedroom to be a place for romance to blossom, you need to make sure it's a place you enjoy being in.

There are a number of easy projects you can do to truly enhance the character and atmosphere of any bedroom in a matter of hours.

Paint It!


Painting is by far the quickest and easiest way to change the look and feel of your bedroom. Often, for less than a hundred dollars, you can create just about any look you want. The possibilities of color and style combinations are almost endless.

Adding Softness


In any dramatic or romantic bedroom, your bed should be the focal point for the room. It can be the anchor from which you draw inspiration for the rest of the style or theme of that room. Consider adding a canopy for a soft tropical look. If your bedroom needs a bit of drama and you also like to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, consider making your own upholstered headboard in any style and color you want. You could also purchase a beautiful unfinished sleigh bed then paint or stain it yourself!


The other way to add softness is with lighting. When you're ready to relax, who wants bright, glaring lights? While candles often do the trick, there's a way to create intimate lighting without the fire hazard: install a dimmer switch!

A Little Moulding if You Please!

One of our favorite ways to completely change the look of a room is through the use of decorative moulding. Just about any moulding project can help define, enhance and highlight the walls of a room.

But there's no reason to settle for your typical moulding projects. After all, this is your home -- so experiment a little. Try adding layers of moulding to create more ornate, unique shapes that reflect your taste and originality. Look beyond baseboard and window moulding to see how chair rail or maybe a crown moulding can fit into your design.


Now, you might be trying to convince yourself that installing moulding is too arduous. Well, moulding has come a long way in the last few years. No longer are you relegated to working with bulky, heavy pieces of lumber that have to be primed and painted and then cut to perfection. You have a lot more choices now. One of our recent favorites is prefinished moulding from LP® Moulding.

LP® Prefinished Moulding is an intelligent and affordable alternative to wood in which you can add instant beauty to any room in your home. Available in woodgrain finishes and traditional white, LP® Moulding products are polymer-based, resistant to splitting and warping. They are also moisture resistant, ideal for not only bedrooms but also for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, unlike wood. LP® Woodgrain Moulding is available in diverse collections, including today's most popular colors. Keep in mind that the woodgrain finishes are gorgeous and look just like hand finished wood. They're lightweight and ready to install upon purchase. But the best part -- they require no sanding, priming, painting or staining! How's that for a timesaver?

Woodgrain moulding might not be the best choice for your decor though. So you might try using the LP Crystal White Moulding, which looks like painted wood and can be installed as-is or painted to match your particular color scheme. Any style you choose will enhance and customize the look of your home - from traditional to modern And with installation so easy, this is one project you can complete in a single afternoon (who doesn't love that?).

Keep Out!

Let's face it - to feel romantic, you have to be able to be completely at ease. One of the fastest ways to kill a romantic mood is when you feel like your neighbors could be peering in. So, take a look at the windows of your bedroom. Do they provide enough light and at the same time provide you with the privacy you need? If not, you might want to consider a few options:


Curtains have made quite a comeback over the past few years. There are so many varieties available that can have a truly dramatic effect on the decor of your room. Curtains are very easy to install and for just a few dollars can enhance the look of your room while increasing your privacy. Before shopping for curtains, however, consider your usage. If you need them for more than just privacy, such as blocking out the sun in the morning, make certain the material is thick enough to accomplish this task.

Blinds are a great alternative if curtains are too bulky or not your style.


Blinds have also come a long way lately and your options have increased substantially. One of our favorites is actually called, 'privacy blinds.' These allow you to keep the light coming in, while at the same time keep prying eyes out.

If you decide to use a combination of curtains and blinds, consider installing the blinds on the inside of the window frame. This will give you the most freedom to enhance the decor with your curtains.


Privacy Film is another option if you want the light but don't care about the view. This is simply a 'sticker' of sorts that fits onto any window you so choose that will block the ability for anyone to see in (or you to see out), but still transparent enough to capture any natural daylight.


Your door is another easy access point to your bedroom. So, to keep the kids (relatives, friends, or whomever) from walking in at the most inopportune moment, consider installing a locking door knob. This will give you the sense of security and privacy you need to help you relax.

Remember, none of the projects suggested above are more intense than an afternoon or two of your time. It will be time well spent because if you give romance a place to call home it will make more of an effort to live there. Have fun!

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