Caring about your own safety and security says you’re a smart woman

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When was the last time you thought about the security of your home? Probably the last time it was compromised. For those who know what it feels like to encounter a break-in, the emotional scars do linger. But at some point our brain allows us to forget, we become less conscientious about locking the deadbolt or turning on the security system.


Your life is moving fast, but don’t let that be an excuse for overlooking your home’s security. Better to consider it now instead of after something happens. Here are a few quick and easy fixes to enhance the security of your home and help you regain your peace of mind.


• Professional-grade deadbolts. A deadbolt is your home’s first line of defense and installing one of a professional grade will offer the highest level of security. Making this simple change to all entry doors, even the garage, can make a big difference. Schlage offers a professional grade deadbolt for maximum kick-in resistance. Installing it yourself is a snap – see the Jane Tip below.


• Electronic security. If you’re a family woman on the go an electronic keypad is another easy upgrade with big impact. Do you have a hide-a-key for your kids? An extra key for your babysitter or housekeeper? Need to let in your neighbor to check on things while you’re out of town? Securing your door with an electronic keypad is a safe and simple way to manage all of the coming and going. Again Schlage has come through with a range of electronic lever and knob options.


Perimeter lighting and motion sensors. Many burglars prefer the cover of darkness. By keeping your property well lit at night, you take away their anonymity. Motion sensors accomplish this by startling an intruder by instantly drowning him in light.

• Timers for interior lights. Don’t let a potential intruder know your daily routine. Timers on your interior lights keep them guessing. It’s a quick safety fix: a trip to your local hardware store and five minutes is all you’ll need.

• Security cameras. Security cameras allow you to see who’s coming and going while also providing a deterrent for would-be robbers.

• Home management. Keep your home within reach wherever you go. The Schlage LiNK home management system provides flexibility, convenience and security. You can unlock the door for a visitor or adjust the temperature while you’re working at the office. Monitor your home while you’re vacationing at the beach. Or check on your vacation home from the convenience of your living room. Need to turn on some lights as you’re driving home from dinner? Never a problem with Schlage LiNK.


Implementing just a few of these tips will help you stay safe, secure and empowered!




JANE TIP: Installing a new deadbolt is a snap for any do-it-herself Jane. Schlage’s Snap & 

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