Vision Statement

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A Message from Chief Jane, Suzanne Horton

Get ready for a burst of energy, Janes!  I’m thrilled to meet all of you and hope that you’ll follow us on a journey to build our dynamic Jane community into an extraordinary portal of female empowerment and fresh Home spirit around the world! 

They say I’m irrepressible (and they may be right!), but that’s just the spirit we want to unleash within all of our Janes, as we help you attain your home inspirations and ultimately achieve your life aspirations.  And now we wish to welcome you to our new Home Power Portal for Women!

And Janes—get ready to roar!

This new Be Jane website has created a dynamic do-it-yourself community where women can inspire women to become empowered in their own homes.  We are opening our online door and welcoming you into the conversation, where an entertaining exchange of DIY tips, tricks, and tutorials demonstrate how to transform your surroundings in surprising (and surprisingly easy) ways.

Your enthusiasm is spreading the word and has made us into the leading nationally recognized brand in the $80 billion female home improvement space -- and now we are even more determined to help you make your life better.  Along the way, what we all realized is that once you’ve garnered the courage to improve your home, you develop the confidence to change your life. 

And that’s where things really get interesting, because together we defined the strong, independent woman of a new era:  Jane! 

Who is Jane?  She’s an impassioned, independent spirit who takes strength from her growing economic power in managing her home and then brings that confidence into the rest of her life to enhance the lives of those around her.  Wow!

All of this positive mobilization serves as the backdrop for the valuable home aspirations and instructional material that we’ll provide to help you improve your immediate surroundings and enhance your family life. 

Sound ambitious?  Actually, it’s all easily within reach at Be Jane.  Absolutely every woman can be a Jane, so we want to help all of you soar like never before!

My own personal Jane moment came at a young age.  When I worked as one of the few female builders in this country, I was awakened to the powerful impact that creating the home of your dreams can have on the rest of your life.  I learned how to inspire others after discovering how intimidated women became in the male dominated home building and home improvement industries, and I simply loved overcoming their apprehension by holding their hands through the home planning/building process.  I could see that all of these women ultimately found the same work they shrank from tremendously gratifying in the end - especially once they were able to move into their homes and live out their dreams!   What really made an impression upon me is that in every case the process inspired these women to make some other significant change in their lives…. and then, of course, I was able to share in the excitement of those accomplishments as well. 

After I understood how many of us let fear and stereotypes deny us the deeply satisfying accomplishment of using our vision, imagination, and hands-on contributions to shape the intimate world of our homes, I knew that we had to figure a way to get a new message out in the world.  True joy and confidence radiates from seeing the fulfillment of a dream, and in the home industry the results are tangible and fun; it’s a great foundation from which to build your confidence.  Even if you only start with one small change, each improvement helps you gain control over your home environment, and you can create a snowball effect of positive momentum in your life.   My goal became to demystify and encourage the do-it-yourself spirit, because once we overcome this mental barrier, there’s nothing stopping us from tackling even more daunting projects in our personal lives and the world at large.

As the Chief Jane, I’m thrilled to lead this special community to the next level of cutting-edge interactivity and genuine empowerment.   I can feel the excitement of this Jane Power Movement in my bones; it’s tingling!  We’re expanding our reach to include a breadth of information, social networking tools, services, and user-generated content across multiple home channels, including Home Improvement, Home Buying, Finance, Going Green, and more to come. 

So come on in, grab a seat, and tell us your thoughts.  We’ll be unveiling our new look soon, and I guarantee you’ll want to join our cool neighborhood of inspiring women who will share, connect, and support one another as we power on at full charge!  The boys won’t know what hit ‘em, Janes – but they’ll love us for it!