How to Install Privacy Blinds

Decide where the blinds should go. The choices are:

  • Within the frame of the window
  • Outside the window so the valence of the blinds sits above and outside the frame

    For most rooms, you will probably want to attach the blinds within the window frame so you can add romance with fabric curtains that match the style of the bedroom.

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Canopy of Dreams

Just imagine a bed that makes you feel like a queen (or a princess) and allows you to feel special every time you climb in. See how you can get this feeling by creating a canopy for your bed.

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How To Transform Your Closet into an Office

Creating a room that could do double duty-a home office and a guest room-is exactly what Jennifer needed so we converted her unused closet into an office. See how you can do the same.

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Decorate with Mirrors

It's the one thing just about every homeowner craves: more space. Learn how you can increase the feeling of space is by decorating with mirrors.

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How To Update a Bathroom Cabinet

It's easy to take a bathroom cabinet that looks outdated and turn it into something fresh and new!

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How to Replace Worn Siding on the Exterior of Your Home

Whether the siding has rotted, cracked, or there are pieces missing, you can replace these boards yourself!

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