Several questions about re-doing my guest bath

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Several questions about re-doing my guest bath

First of all Ladies, I hate my light fixture!! It's a light bar, you know the kind with the five huge light bulbs. The problem: the HVAC duct runs above the sink in this bathroom all the way across the room. When I built the house I remember having to make a special encasement of sorts to house it. there is little or no room in the ceiling above to install spots or pendants, which is what I would like to have. Is there something I can do mounted from the wall that would satisfy me??

Next issue: The bathroom is large; large enough for a double sink vanity, but only has one. The problem: a gaping hole between my vanity and the commode. I would like a double sink in this bathroom. How do I go about that???

I'll have to upload some pics tonight.

Thank you in advance for your help!!Air Jordan For Kids

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