Decorate your Mood

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Decorate your Mood
  Many people still do not give much thought to ornamental architectural details in the home. It is something that is often viewed as unnecessary and excessive in every day life. I mean, who would notice the fact that there is a molding that skims across the top of the room.    Many of the leading architects and designers will tell you that, although maybe not consciously, these are details that we notice. They claim that people will become less happy in a dull and unadorned environment and could develop what is called a “sick interior syndrome”. Granted, it is not a medical condition that is to be fixed by the use of extensive medication, but it is something that affects people and they do not even realize it. If you feel at all unbalanced throughout your everyday life, you should consider making your living environment more what you want it to be– something beautiful to come home to.    More time spent in beautiful interiors can be correlated to an elevation in mood. As human beings, we delight in seeing beautiful things. If you go from a dreary cubicle or office to a home that doesn’t even reflect what you are about and what you like to be surrounded by, there will be internal tension that could make you more irritable.   People who consider adornment and decoration as something that is unnecessary and time-consuming are grossly mistaken. Anything you do to embellish your home is an act of love, not a chore. And it is a blessing to have a home where you can create your own quiet luxury every day. Make good use of the space that you have - there is a reason for why some environments are calmer and more inviting and a reason for why the change your overall mood!