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"I expected more" This line has been stressed out in this film. Badly, this is how I feel towards the film. Eragon is based on the first book of Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini. I just watched it recently, I know its too late since it was released a year ago. I was actually looking forward to seeing this film because some advertisements said that this will be a challenge to the fame of Harry Potter. That I had to find out. But I want to clear out that I'm trying to criticize the film, not Christopher Paolini's novel. Eragon is about a boy named Eragon (of course that's the title) (played by Edward Speelers), who finds out he's a dragon rider and that he's about to start a legacy of his own. Saphira(voiced by Rachel Weisz), his dragon, chooses him as her rider and has waited for thousand of years for him. Together with Arya, a princess, Brom, an ex-dragon rider, and Murtagh, a mysterious guy, they try to help the Varden to defeat Galbatorix and Durza and their dark forces. While writing my essay papers, I must say that I really appreciate the effects, there's no doubt about it. But since this is a hollywood film, special effects is no question anymore, there should be MORE than effects. And since there are already lots of films with the same concept (fantasy films usually have dragons in the story), I expect that Eragon will give us something NEW. But the film failed in that aspect. I don't know if it was written in the book, but I was quite annoyed when Saphira grew to an adult Dragon from a few days old hatchling. I mean even if this was a fantasy story some things have to be justified, right? The film didn't set a mood at all. I really didn't feel the story. The aura was not good, the sound effect was not effective and most of all they all have a hum acting, which is really a bad thing. Even when the climax came, I wan't even aroused! The fight scenes were so dull, it doesn't seem like a war to me but a petty fight. The script was a "cliche". How many "chosen one" will there be in hollywood films? (How many is "one" anyway?) And how many more characters will have their life predestined? The pacing was so fast, there were lots of scenes that I felt like there should be more, but the film refused to give. Probably that's the reason why I didn't feel any excitement as I was watching it. Well, there's something good about the film. I like the dialogues of the characters. They were full of meanings. I would just like to quote some of them: "That's the spirit. One part brave, three parts fool." - Brom "It's good to be brave. But sometimes its better to be wise." - Saphira "A son doesn't choose his father." - Murtagh "Life is so fast, yesterday you were just a farm boy, now you're a hero. Tomorrow may meet us again." - Arya Really, Eragon is far from my expectations, it is obvoiusly no match to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter sequels. I don't want to recommend this film. It's really a bad one. But for some educational purposes, you may do so. But I'm warning you to expect less to avoid disappointment. If you love dragon stories, perhaps watch Dragon Heart or Dungeons and Dragons. Director:Stefen Fangmeier Writers: Peter Buchman (screenplay) Christopher Paolini (novel)