olive oil a girls best friend

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olive oil a girls best friend

This is a trick I have learnt over the years,All girls should have olive oil in their cupboards,Every time you have to put up something that involves screws or bolts ect ,Always coat your screws with a good helping of olive oil it helps your screws go in easier also when you have to take them out for what ever reason you will find screws will come out easier even years later, if you don't like olive oil you need to have WD40 around not as good but will do the job,Amazing what a bit of oiling can do on all sorts of jobs.
Another trick I found out if you have a porcelain sink or bath in your bathroom (that is not stained)& you want to give it that new porcelain look like its just been brought or you wont to upkeep that look on your new sink or bath go to your local garage & a good quality car polish will bring it up like new. This trick learnt from my plumber who fitted in my sink & it works Mercurial Superfly CR7 High