Granite worktops maintenance guide

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Granite worktops maintenance guide

Granite worktops could be ideally suited for your kitchen and bathroom requirements. To help you decide we have prepared some guidelines.
Granite has a polished surface which will retain its polish and colour for a great many years and the only maintenance required is regular washing with clean, hot, soapy water to remove surface dirt.
Spillages such as wines, oils and acidic substances should be wiped clean immediately to prevent the possibility of staining.
Granite Worktops Installation Guide
Granite worktops are highly heat resistant and hot pans can be placed directly on the surface for short periods making it ideal in the kitchen. Care should be exercised if spillages should occur with hot fat or oils and these should be removed immediately to prevent staining.
As with any high quality worktops, care should be taken against possible scoring with knives or other cutting tools and chopping-boards should always be used.
Unlike man-made products, granite is a material which has a natural make-up and beauty which is impossible to recreate under factory conditions. Variations in colour and veining will occur, this is characteristic of natural stone.Nike

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