Handy Jane: Tracy Metro

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Handy Jane

Tracy Metro is Be Jane's Handy Jane, sharing groovy ideas for turning ordinary objects into spectacular creations. Metro, a pro with most household power tools, is the host of "Skil Shop," the how-to TV show that's teaching everyday people to build all sorts of fun things. She's also a green queen who was eco-chic before "eco" and "chic" were even hyphenated. An avid re-user and a practical-environmentalist, Metro believes one small change really can impact the world… and touts it while profiling eco-products as the host of Discovery's new show, "Green Gadgets."

Tracy's snappy repartee can also be seen as she hosts Disney's "In The Credits," "Fan On the Street," or co-hosting Mark Burnett's "Gold Rush," and reporting for Fine Living's "American Shopper." Tracy and her husband started UsedCardboardBoxes.com, which was recently voted one of America's Top 10 best green companies of 2007 by Coop America.