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The Home Improvement Workout

Does your exercise routine have you in a rut? No problem - see how you can burn calories by rolling up your sleeves and tackling those projects around the house.

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Throw a Do-It-Yourself Party!

Is there a do-it-yourself project you are dying to do but you can't, well, do it yourself? You know you're all always looking for a reason to get together, so why not throw a do-it-yourself party?

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How to Winterize Your Windows

Baby it's cold outside!
How to Keep Your Windows From Letting In The Cold

Window into Warm

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With the winter about to blow in, don't spend another year throwing money out the window. By sealing your windows before the season hits you'll keep warmer during those long winter months and cut your heating bills by more than 30%!

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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

Taking advantage of summer is all about getting out of the house. Lounging in the backyard, napping in a hammock, and enjoying meals outdoors are just a few of the things summer-lovers crave.

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Quick Fix: Silence A Squeaky Floor

Nothing's More Annoying Than a Floor That Creaks and Squeaks. Fixing the Problem Means Finding Its Cause

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Make Your Small Place Bigger - Without Adding On

Small homes definitely have their advantages but at times, you're doubtless craving just a bit more space. Try these simple strategies to make your space feel bigger.

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Home Sweet Home Improvement

10 ways to keep your relationship happy, healthy, and positive while working side by side with your mate.

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Learn How to Weather a Storm

Something Stormy This Way Comes!
How to Make Sure Your Home and Family Properly Weather a Storm

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