How To Install a Bamboo Wall

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Estimated Time: 
a couple of hours, depending on how many walls your covering
Bring Home the Tropics


Why continue to live with a cold, gray stone wall when you can easily spruce it up with a bit of bamboo? A simple and inexpensive task, this project involves covering your wall with a warm and inviting bamboo wall treatment (sometimes referred to as Bamboo Fencing) that can be found at any home improvement center. Bringing the romance of the south seas into your patio is easier than you think!

This one-day project will welcome guests into your yard and call to mind exotic places!

Although it's not very expensive you'll want to be sure to measure your walls accurately and buy enough to have a bit left over; you may find a novel use for it like we did.

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Project Steps

Step 1



Start by drilling holes into the wall. Place the holes approximately 1' to 2' apart, alternating holes from the top of the wall to the bottom. (Making a vertical zigzag formation). Since we were putting anchors in masonry, we used a masonry bit.

Jane Tip: Attaching the bamboo in many places will make the finished product look better as well as making it sturdier!

Step 2

Place anchors inside holes, giving them a tap with the hammer to secure them into place. Next, position the screws inside the anchors. Turn the screw almost all the way in, leaving a little room between the screw and the anchor to wrap the wire around.

Step 3


Using wire cutters, cut 6" pieces of wire to go around the screws. They don't have to be exactly 6", just make sure the wire is long enough to wrap around the screw a few times as well as the bamboo.

Step 4

Wrap the wire firmly around the screws in the wall.

Step 5

Place the bamboo roll against the wall, making sure it is positioned exactly where you want it.

Jane Tip: Have a friend help you out with rolling the bamboo out and securing it to the wall. One person can hold the bamboo roll, while the other tends to the wire.

Step 6

bamboo6bamboo step62

With one person holding the bamboo roll against the wall, find the first piece of wire that you attached to the wall. Push the wire through the bamboo from the back to the front, securing it against the wall by twisting the wire like a twist-tie.

Step 7

Once you have fastened the wire, hide the excess wire by tucking it behind the fencing.

Step 8

Continue to roll the bamboo out towards your next fastening point. To ensure a neat-looking wall, pull the bamboo taut as you roll it out. Take your time and make sure the fencing is straight and flush against the wall.

Step 9

Attach the wire to the bamboo, as in Step 6. Hide excess wire as described in Step 7.

Step 10

Repeat steps 6 through 8 until you have fastened all of the wires to the bamboo.

Step 11


You may have excess bamboo when you come to the end of your wall. Cut away any left over fencing with garden shears.

Jane Tip: If your bamboo is extra thick, you may want to measure it out against the wall first and then cut it with a circular saw. The garden shears may be too weak to cut through the fencing.

Be creative with any excess bamboo fencing. We used ours to accent light fixtures.

Now you are armed with everything you need to know to give your backyard the lift it needs! Don't be afraid to bring a taste of the tropics to your outdoor living space.

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Do you think this would look ok in a bathroom.

What an awesome idea!! I love it! I'm gonna try that one day...make my bathroom feel as if I'm in Kauaii!! Yeah! It would be the perfect place to hang the plastic, singing Tucan bird my mother gave me for my birthday years ago! She will crack up!


I was so surprised when I found this. I had already decided to use bamboo fencing (Lowes, Home Depot)in my bathroom. I am worried about the wire rusting and the bamboo molding, so I am going to spray both sides of it with a couple of coats of polyurethane. This will also keep it from turning gray (which it does as it ages) and breaking. I am going to paint the wall above and the ceiling like the sky and have a few plants like palm trees on the other side of the fence. For the bathroom mirror I am going to paint a large palm tree in the corner with one of the frawns stretching out over and above where the mirror will be. THen I am going to attach rope so that it appears to be coming tied to the palm tree and hang it down to the mirror and attach it, so that it looks like the mirror is hanging from the tree.

I am trying to do the same thing to my bathroom, but I was unsure about the bamboo walls not being able to hold up to steam and water and so forth. How has this design been working for you? How long as it been and have you had to replace it? Does the polyurethane work on it? If you can let me know how it's going for you, I would appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!