Broken pull on lamp

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Broken pull on lamp

Dear Jane,
I have a dilemma! My fiancée went to turn off the lights one evening before bed and couldn't pull the chain to turn off one of our lamps. I told him to pull harder, since I had noticed that the chain had recently been more difficult to pull. Unfortunately, he pulled the chain right out of the lamp! The next morning he decided he would fix it himself and took the lightswitch apart. Now we can't figure out how to put it back together! We assume that none of the parts are actually broken since the chain is still in one piece, but we have tons of little screws and parts and have no idea how to start! I regret not watching as he took it apart!

It is our favorite lamp and one of only two lamps lighting our main living area and it has been broken for over a month! Help!

Thanks a million!Air Foamposite One