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We have styrofoam beams in the TV room, stained dark. Is it possible to paint them white?



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You definitely can paint your dark stained Styrofoam beams! The only thing that we recommend is that you make sure you use a Styrofoam-safe latex paint. Make sure not to use spray paint as the petroleum distillates in it will cause the foam to break apart and disappear. Make sure when you purchase the paint that you ask the person at your local home improvement center if it is "Styrofoam safe". Also you'll need to use a primer to help to cover up the previous stain. This one gets a little bit trickier. There are latex primers but I would check with that same person to make sure which one is safe for your beams.
We hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out.

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where can I buy styrofoam beams, can I make them look like big beams?