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this may be a first, but i need to know if a velour chair can be painted. if, by chance, in your opinion, that it can be painted, what other advice can you give me regarding this idea. so you know, the chair is orange velour and i'd like to change it to an almond color. by the way, my carpeting is a light beige.

i'm permanently disabled, i'm on social security, have a son in college and a mortgage to pay and let's not forget the other on going expenses and i was trying to come up with the cheapest way to get what i wanted.

if it's possible, fine. if it isn't possible, then all i can say is i tried. hopefully, you've stopped laughing now and i hope my inquiry isn't a challenge.

by the way, i'm one to experiment. the perfect example is my closet doors. everyone said they could only be painted and i stained them and proved them wrong, but i'll never tell-haha.

thank you for your time.

happy new year


Thank you for your Ask Jane question and welcome to the Be Jane community!
You are not the first person who's asked us about painting a couch or chair, so we're definitely not laughing at you. The issues that we see with your painting an orange velour chair are 1) changing the color from dark to light (if you were going from light to dark we might suggest the idea of dying it) 2) painting over velour can turn the texture from soft and fuzzy to stiff and scratchy. Of the two, the second is the biggest of your problems and, in our opinion makes it not a viable way to change the color of this chair but don't worry we not out of suggestions yet!
While painting doesn't appear to be an option, there is still one other idea that we'd bet you haven't considered yet-making a slip cover. While you could pick up a pre-made slipcover at almost any Target, Walmart or Sears, making one yourself isn't that difficult, is typically less expensive and fits your chair better.
All you'll have to do to recover it is to find a thick enough material that the color won't show through. We suggest that you purchase enough to circle around the chair 1 &#189; times lengthwise. Don't worry about the fabric being too expensive. You will find that there are so many different fabrics and you probably won't need more than 2 yards.
Next wrap the chair with the outside of the fabric facing in. You can use pins to keep it attached to the chair. Once you've wrapped it, cut the fabric, following the seams. Make sure to leave enough extra to be able to sew the seams together.
Now cut other pieces of fabric to cover the inside of the chair and the seat. (If the cushions come off, make sure to remove them before getting started.) Pin the pieces of fabric together so that the fabric is inside out. Stitch the seams together and steam them so that they lie open. If there are pillows that need to be covered, do the same thing as you did with the rest of the chair, though you will have to leave one side open to slide the pillow into and stitch it by hand. Don't worry, you can always hide this seam! Now turn the slipcover right side out and there you have it, your very own slipcover!
We hope this helps! You may just find that it's so easy that you would like to have another one in a different color!
Let us know how it turns out and send us some pictures of the final product!