Can I Paint When It's Raining?

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Katrecia H., Portland, Oregon

Is it okay to paint my bedroom even when it's been raining for several days in a row?


<p>The basic answer would be yes&mdash;assuming your bedroom isn't in an outdoor tent!
<p>However, there are a few things you need to consider:</p>

<li>How old is your home (more importantly, the walls)?</li>
<li>Does your bedroom have only one outside wall, or several? </li>
<li>What type of paint will you be using?</li>
<li>For the first 2 questions, the dampness outside may affect the dry wall or plaster. If your home is pre-1950, chances are you have plaster walls. But to check for dampness the easiest way, just feel your walls. Do they feel damp or very cold? In this case, you may want to avoid painting until it has stopped raining for a few days.</li>

<p>Periods of high humidity are bad for water-based paints which can dry slowly and, in the worst case scenario, produce mold.</p>

<p>Obviously, it's always best to paint in dry, non-humid conditions to allow your paint to set properly. That said, you can paint when it's raining outside so long as the air inside your home is adequately dry and you have proper ventilation. You will want to avoid opening the windows and letting the damp air inside while the paint is drying, or before you start to paint. To increase your chances of a successful paintjob when it's raining, be sure to first prime your walls.</p>

<p>Now, we've been told its best not to paint while it's damp if you are using what's known as &quot;Milk Paint&quot;&mdash;a non-toxic, no-VOC paint made from natural ingredients. As it contains no chemical ingredients to help aid the drying process, it's best to wait until it's dry outside before using it.</p>

<p>Remember to visit our <a href="/va/t/ask_jane_paint_when_raining/paint_101">painting 101</a> section on Be if you need any other help with your paint questions!</p>

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I have a wall lamp (sconce type) that is gold colored, I assume it is brass. I would like to update the look by giving it the tarnished dark look that is so in now, and replace the glass cups for the bulbs. I saw a technique on painting the brass over with something and then polishing it. Does anyone know exactly how? Thanks so much...