Holiday Home: Is your Dining Room a Turkey?

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Eden Clark
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Alas - no sooner does Halloween end that the holiday season is upon
us. Malls have begun hanging their wreaths while retailers are
advertising the greatest new gifts for your
friend-mom-dad-brother-boss-neighbor-boyfriend-cat-mailman. But what
about you and your home?

When it comes to the holidays, the dining room is a not only a place
to eat, but it's a place of gathering, of sharing, of laughing, of
giving thanks - and sometimes, of debating. When you welcome others
into your home for the holidays, you want your dining room to be a
reflection of you.

And if you're fortunate enough - and in some cases, crazy enough -
to host a holiday celebration at your home, you may be wondering
"Just how many of those house projects can I squeeze in
between work, exercise, the kids, shopping, cooking, and

Be Jane is here to help make it simple!

Whether you're facing the dilemma of outdated fixtures, bright
lights, 1980's décor, or carpet stains from the last
late-night party you held (and you never did figure out who dropped
that red wine, did you?), you should consider the following:

check">Can you set the right lighting to create a feeling of warmth?
check"> Do the walls create a space that reflects your personal taste, in
both color and texture?
check">Do you have a light fixture that fits the décor? Does it hang
low enough (or is it too low?)
check">Do you [gasp!] still have paneling on the walls?
check">Is your dining room a warm and inviting place that makes family and
friends want to linger?

If you've raised an eyebrow to any of the above questions, its
time to get to work! We've come up with some quick, inexpensive,
and relatively easy ways to spruce up your Dining Room this season.

First, what is your dining room style? Consider a few options before
you set-out to go shopping (click for larger image):

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Shabby Chic



Next, think what projects you'll want to do, and what you have
time for. You'll want to give yourself an afternoon (or two) to
complete these projects, from shopping through completion:

orange arrow">Install a new Light

(Estimated time: 45 mins + shopping)
orange arrow">
Install Dimmer

(Estimated time: 30 mins + shopping)
orange arrow">Get Rid of Your

(Estimated time: 3-6 hours + shopping)
orange arrow">Paint Preparation
(Estimated time: 2-3 hours + shopping)
orange arrow">Paint Sheens

If you're short on time or want to tackle a major renovation prior
to the holidays, you may also be considering hiring a contractor. Keep
in mind: one of the busiest times of year for contractors is the
pre-holiday season - so you'll want to call them now. Before you
call though, be sure to read our article "Contractually Speaking: Tips you
Need to Know When Hiring A Contractor.

Happy Holidays!

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